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Best Basics


best spring basics


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How often am I late for school just because I've spent too many of my precious morning minutes trying to find an outfit that doesn't make me look like I've just woken up from the dead (even though I might have)? The answer is way to often. This issue has made me realize that I need to start buying some more basic clothes - clothes that goes with anything, even when my bus leaves in 5 minutes. This is something I've failed to succeed with through my entire life, and I've figured it is now time for a change. And that's the reason why I'm now making this blogpost containing a collection of stuff I'd like to fill my wardrobe with.

We all know the feeling of buying something on sale - convinced it's a real bargain, while believing you'll use this beautiful little piece of fabric to eternity. A couple of months later it is tucked somewhere in your closet with it's label still on. It may be a really cool item, but the problem is you can never find the right occasion to wear it. This is exactly why I think it's worth it to spend some extra money on basic quality clothes that you know are going to last longer than one season. If you're like me, and your problem is that you can't afford to "waste" your money on expensive clothes, just think twice before you buy something you don't need in the first place. But more importantly; another negative aspect of buying cheap clothes is how little the people who actually produces the garments earn. Just think about it; if you can buy a sweater for $20, how much is left for the workers? Not enough I guess.

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Den første dagen i det nye året skal aller helst være litt magisk, men jeg har valgt å tilbringe min under dyna. Det er jo magisk det også. Gårsdagen bestod av en koselig middag med familien, og deretter en kjempehyggelig kveld med mine fine venninner, Ane og Julianne. Jeg har så mye å se fram til i dette året, så selv om jeg sier det samme hvert år, så skal 2014 bli fantastisk. Jeg har faktisk så mye gøy jeg skal gjøre at jeg nesten ikke greier å vente!

Godt nyttår, dere!

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Hands and Plants

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I've had the least interesting life lately, and that's the simple reason for my lack of time spent on this blog. Instead I've been doing lots of homework and lots of sleeping? And yes, it has been as boring as it sounds. I never know what to write in my blog posts, and I hate getting to personal, but I don't have a lot on my mind anyway, so I guess that's not my biggest problem. One thing I'm really excited about right now is buying a new lens for my Nikon, but (unfortunately) I can't afford it at the moment, so I'm planning on buying it in Texas, and hopefully it's gonna be a lot cheaper as well.

Thank you for reading this totally meaningless blog post, and I'll try my best to update more often!

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Victoria Tornegren

source: http://imnext.se/victoriatornegren/

Jeg har akkurat begynt å lese bloggen til Victoria Törnegren, og tror jeg nettopp fikk en liten girl crush. Jeg beundrer henne for utseendet, og ikke minst stilen! Den er så utrolig gjennomført, og veldig inspirerende. Jeg leser egentlig ikke så mange blogger, men når jeg trenger inspirasjon på klesfronten er denne perfekt å se igjennom. Nå som det har blitt så utrolig kaldt og grått ute har jeg nesten aldri energi eller lyst til å pynte meg, og ihvertfall ikke på skolen. Så all creds til dere som virkelig får det til!

I just started reading Victoria Törnegren's blog, and I think I just got a new girl crush. I admire her style because it's so conducted and inspiring. I don't read that many blogs, but every time I'm in need of some fashion inspiration, her blog is the perfect alternative.

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Today has actually been pretty fun, even though I haven't done much. School was interesting because we had class photography, where the theme was "wedding", and I'm pretty sure the picture turned out well! I just came home from vocal lessons, and my evening will be spent doing my math homework.. Good night!

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Copenhagen - I

I forgot my camera at home on my trip to Copenhagen a few weeks ago, and my solution was to buy a couple of disposable cameras. I'm surprisingly happy with the results, and I really love the retro, casual feel about them. I spent the vacation strolling around in the city, eating good food, and doing some really fun vintage shopping with Emma (you need a blog, Emma!). Since I have so many pictures, I decided to make a few separated blog posts instead of making one huge, overloaded post.

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Simply cold

simply cold

This is definitely something I'd like to wear these days. As the weather gets colder, I prefer wearing more simplistic clothes, and Acne Studios is currently my number one obsession, especially  when it comes to knit wear. I'd do anything to snuggle up in one of their comfy sweaters.. By the way, me and my friends just ordered our flight tickets for our Texas trip this easter, and I'm looking forward to it like crazy!
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sunday light

Went outside to capture some moments before it got dark.

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I love my socks.

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Out getting ribs

I'm spending this depressing monday listening to King Krule, and trust me, it makes you feel better (to an extent). My mom just gave me her old pair of Levis' and I can easily say that they are the coolest pair of jeans in my closet! It's perfect for dark and cold autumn nights, when people no longer need to pretend to be happy. That's what I love about autumn - people realize they have to go back to their boring lives, and it creates some kind of a mysterious and sad atmosphere, which I really enjoy. This doesn't make sense at all.

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Outfit 12.08.2013

Today's outfit is pretty simple. I love the shoes, and they were only 20 pounds at Topshop! The skirt is also from Topshop, while the jumper and the tights are from Primark.

I dyed my hair purple last night, and it goes perfectly with my lipstick from Mac (cyber). Anyways, school starts in next week already, and until then, I'll spend my time being with my lovely friends and listening to good music.

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Christ Church Park

These pictures are from yesterday, at an excursion in London.

Today was graduation day at Oxford Royale Academy, and I'm literally crying because I don't want to go home. I've gotten so attached to my friends here, and I hate the fact that we all live in completely different countries. Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I have to pack my suitcase now, and I know for sure it will take me hours to finish it.. Good night!

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outfit 9.8.2013

Just came back to Balliol Collage, after an excursion to London. The entire outfit is from Primark. Good night!

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I'm in love with all black outfits, and I keep forgetting how fun it is to wear bright colors. I really like the citrus printed shorts, so I guess I'll have to find something similar in London tomorrow. The shopping here is so much better than in Norway, and I love seeing all the different people expressing themselves through their clothing.
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I'm currently at Oxford Royale Academy, in the Enterprise Programme. I've met some fantastic people, and I'm having a really good time! I am going home in less than one week, and I'm trying not to think about it, because I'm gonna miss this place way too much. I took these pictures the last time I was in London, and I felt like sharing them even though the editing is really bad. I have so much inspiration at the moment, and I should definitely take some pictures while the feeling is still here.

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